November 15, 16, 17 / 2012 20.00 Uhr
Luisenstraße 37a, 80333 München

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An interdisciplinary music theatre project after Oliver Sacks‚ bestseller Musicophilia

Music meets Neurology. Science meets Colour. Listening for a way into our brains.

The experimental music theatre project Musicophilia lures its audience into exciting and poetic areas of perception. The correlation between music and its effects on our brain and our behaviour are artfully explored and put into newly composed soundscapes and imagery – pictures that occupy our mindspace on the boundaries of science. The borders between inner and exterior experience are also teased out in this kaleidoscope of light, music, language and movement.

The inspiration and starting point for this journey is Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia. Musicophilia, the ‘love for music’, is unique to the human species and is to be found in all cultures. In his bestseller, Sacks portrays people who lose or even gain their musicality after a neurological disease. He deals with problems of acoustic perceptions such as earworms, Tinnitus, hallucinations, amusia or phenomena of short unexpected recovery from certain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, amnesia through the power of music. Also treated are other phenomena of the brains of musicians like absolute pitch and the synaesthetic correlation between musical and visual perception.

The award-winning German author Norbert Niemann has created a stage-version with three characters – doctor, patient and nurse – for four performers: two musicians, an actor and an actress / singer.

‘…a landscape of music gets illustrated by unexpected perspectives.’ Oliver Sacks about his book Musicophilia.

On stage:

Cornelia Melián voice / performance
Peter Pruchniewitz actor / performance
Gertrud Schilde violin / performance
Mathias Beyer cello / performance



Axel Tangerding artistic direction / idea
Steffen Wick composition
Norbert Niemann stage version
Simon Detel sounddesign / electronics
Stefano di Buduo video projections
Marc Thurow stage design / costumes
Gabi Sabo dramaturgy / PR

With the kind support of the Cultural Department, City of Munich, the Funds for the Performing Arts, Berlin, and in collaboration with the University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich.

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Premiere: November 15/16/17, 2012, 8 pm, Reaktorhalle Munich, Germany
press contact: Dr. Gabi Sabo,