In my chamber

A research by Laura Muskare and Sara Koluchova exploring the typology of
inhabited space and how it affects our characteristics and integrity

“Transcending our memories of all the houses in which we have found shelter, above and beyond all the houses we have dreamed we lived in, can we isolate an intimate, concrete essence that would be a justification of the uncommon value of all of our images of protected intimacy?” 

Gaston Bachelard The Poetics of Space (Chap. 1)

The memory in the room

This is what gives me the “home” feeling. I have been here many times and it always makes me feel secure. This corner. It is peaceful, yet so lively. It reminds me of my mother doing housework all day non-stop, that is what she did, because she loved it. These memories feel sacred to me now and I feel so safe. L.

When I was small I used to spend summers at my grandparents- we used to travel a lot by train, in the coupe with leather seats. I loved when they would sing “tancuj tancuj vykrucaj” for me and I would just keep on turning. Me turning, the train moving, grandparents singing, that sometimes ended with a small vomit. But after that I went all over again. I loved that! S.

A vivid memory strikes my mind with an image of summers spent at my country side home in Latgale, Latvia. The night sky in August was the darkest and the stars were the brightest. There were so many, falling right one after the other. Me and my parents were laying down on the sunbathing chairs and watching the sky for hours. The nights were a little bit chilly and I remember trying so hard to make a wish exactly while the star was falling. I felt so extremely lucky! Such a silence, such a stillness- one could hear only the cicadas somewhere in the long grass. L.

There were a few summers when I was small and we rented a cottage in the countryside. I will never forget the smell of it, the room I am in reminds me of this place because of the chair “hundred” years old cushions. I didn’t like it there, but I remember once the toilet flush did not work and we had to get rain water in a bucket to flush the toilet. I felt that how Stone Age must have felt, it was adventurous, but after the third time the adventure stopped. S.

The feeling of the room

This is a space for being and dreaming, in between – seeing the future and past. Everyone was staring out of the window. It feels small, private and an intimidating intimate space, you feel very close to everyone – sharing this space – but you dont show it, that you feel like sharing the whole world within you. S.

The sun is setting down and the purple clouds color the grey walls. It all happens for a very short, very precious moment, so I stop to observe the light change. The usual messiness of my comfortable practice room suddenly gets so many beautiful shades! I close my eyes for a second, appreciate the simpleness that makes me happy and continue practicing as usual. L.

The armchair takes all the attention at the same moment. I feel like a queen as well as a chicken inside of the egg. Armchair – to let go – but still be here not losing myself like in the landscape of bed. S.

I felt very warm and playful today and learned to play a latvian lullaby on a Kalimba that I found in a big chest full of stuff. Like a child being a bit bored, but always finding something to do, I spent a good amount of time with my little toy. I was laughing a lot, being silly, joking about very unserious topics about all and nothing with my dear friend. Room was full of spring sun and I felt light as a feather. L.

The listening in the room

Closing eyes

Heavy laying 

One with the bed

Feeling my emotions sinking through my stomach into the mattress a tiny dance, laying on the stomach, melting into the bed the place where I dream and meanwhile oh my god I want back (bože můj Ja chci zpět) S.

It is dark, I want to open the window, smell the air and light a cigarette, sit on the window sill and imagine that I’m on the 9th floor of an old block building. I feel -20 degrees biting my skin. L.

The moving in the room

In my chamber tasks

The memory in the room → sit for 5 min in the room. What memory does it evoke? Write down

The feeling in the room → sit for 5 min in the room. What does the room make you feel? Write down

The listening in the room → sit and listen to one song in different rooms. What does it make you feel? Does the space change? Write down

The moving in the room → stand in the room, allow whatever it associates for you to transform into movement. Remember it and do it in a different room. Will the first room come with you?


L. is a violinist from Latvia based in Essen.


S. is a freelance dancer and choreographer from the Czech Republic based in Dortmund.

Laura and Sara

L. and S. met during their studies at Folkwang University of the Arts and have since developed an interest in establishing their own performative dialogue between classical violin and contemporary dance.