Samstag 30. April 2022
19:00 Uhr
Meta Theater, Osteranger 8, 85665 Moosach bei Grafing

Embodying Voice Rituals” is an artistic research that focuses on contemporary and intimate vocal rituals in relation to dance/movement and pain/healing. The research was conducted by the performer, choreographer and vocalist Nora Amin, with the support of Ehab Abdellatif who joined her for voice recordings, music co-composition and sound design. During the research residency at Meta Theater, the questions which launched the journey (i.e. How does movement produce voice? Can the vocalisation of pain produce a healing effect? How might vocal rituals be connected to a universal feeling of transcendence, sublimation and cleansing?) developed into an artistic practise of Nora Amin with dance and vocalisation which repeated and transformed everyday before turning into a sound design and music composition that questions music and voice reproduction and whether they can preserve the ritual or not, whether that reproduction can become a foundation -in its turn- for a dance creation that traces back the initial conditions of the primal production of the vocal ritual. The public presentation is a way for sharing, testing the outcome of the research, examining the affects of the vocalisation within a group of people and exploring whether that kind of contemporary ritual can restore human bonding and collective actions of performative healing.