THE ISSUE AND TYPES OF TERROR / Recherche von Liwaa Yazji

Meta Theater, Osteranger 8, 85665 Moosach bei Grafing

I will research the indirect silent terror we all face but can’t pinpoint or formally define. I need to understand more about its mechanisms, motives and is it possible to protect ourselves from it when we are aware of it beforehand without proactive violence on the other side? the background of terror on the level of terminology and of the level of the historical background in order to step for the next level of the research, which is the types of terror on one hand and when we use the word to stigmatize an act and when not- on the other. I am interested in the untraditional forms; the forms that we tend to deny or not define as terrorist. researching terror in relationships: family based, partnership (love relations), and other vulnerable environments (work, and other community-based ones). I want to know more about indirect terror, how it is used and how it manifests itself in relations. How silent and secret violence/ terror grows in relationships. I am also interested in exploring the ways governments direct their own inner violence and terror, what is a tool and what is a defense tactic.

Terror has been used recently remarkably in different situations, but on the other hand was not used enough where maybe it should have been. Why are some called terrorists and others are not? What are the standards? Is the terrorist act a theatrical act? Does it have the elements of theater? A director, an actor or more, audience/interactive audience, performative intention, and a “scene”. Does it involve rehearsals too? It is interesting to elaborate on this point more.