THE LAND´S HEART IS GREATER THAN IT´S MAP / Olivia Furber und Ramzi Maqdisi

Samstag 29. Februar 2020
20:00 Uhr
Meta Theater, Osteranger 8, 85665 Moosach bei Grafing

“The Land’s Heart is greater than it’s Map” invites to a virtual guided tour at Meta Theater. Having seen decades of injustices befall the city he lives in, a man considers becoming selectively mute.  But before he finally decides to fall silent, he creates an outspoken tour of his city that will transcend space and time. He has invited you on a virtual guided tour of a city where the truth is stranger than fiction: you can see the sea but are forbidden to touch it, being honest is illegal and those with ancestors from the city are forbidden to enter it.

Enter the room, and from the comfort of your seat you will journey to the only city that exists twice – once on earth and once in heaven.

“The Land’s Heart is Greater Than It’s Map” questions who has the authority to give a coherent narrative of a city and how we are able to come into contact with the ‘real’ essence of a place.

Concept and realisation by Olivia Furber and Ramzi Maqdisi:

Olivia Furber (writer/director): Olivia is a theatre director & writer experienced in creating cross-disciplinary work in collaborative environments. As co-artistic director of ivo theatre she has directed and co-written In the Vice Like Grip of It (The Lowry, ARC, Theatre in the Mill) and Aviatrix, which has been developed with the support of the Palestinian National Theatre, Theatre Deli and The Albany. She has directed &
assistant directed work for York Theatre Royal, Ensemble 52 & Theatre Hullabaloo. Writing credits include two monologues as part of Hear Me Now, an anthology of audition monolgues for diverse actors, published by Oberon in November 2018 and Dough! a sensory family show commissioned by Creative Scene which toured nationally in 2017.

Ramzi Maqdisi (writer/actor): Ramzi Maqdisi is a Palestinian filmmaker, writer and actor known for Ghost Hunting (2017) awarded the best documentary at the Berlinale; Writing on Snow (2017);Solomon’s Stone (film); Omar (film) and The Attack (2012), amongst others. Ramzi began his professional career as an actor in the Palestinian National Theatre (PNT) in 2000 and went on to perform with other theatres such as Al Rahala, Al Jawal, and the Nordic Black Theatre in Oslo. His plays with PNT include Searching Handalah, One for the Road, Abu Munir Abed Raboh, Eyes That Can See, Al Sultan Al Aneed wa Al Hadad Asaid, and Mahmoud Darwish’s Jidariyya.

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