Sonntag 16. Dezember 2018
15.00 Uhr
Meta Theater, Osteranger 8, 85665 Moosach bei Grafing

What you see you only see because I point it out to you. The role of the tour guide is to give you an impression that you have met the ‚real‘ place. The power of tour guides is their ability to integrate what you are seeing into a master narrative of their choosing.

Join Olivia Furber and her colleagues on a journey to an parallel realm, reached within your home town. A place where daily life is stranger than fiction and defies all expectation.

Come on a walk with them as they investigate their newly found power to invest objects of their choice with significance and weave a new mythology from them.

This tour is the starting point of a research residency between Olivia Furber, Ramzi Maqdisi and 9T Antiope into the politics and power of tour guiding.

Last chance to join and participate in a audio guided walk, please bring with you your smartphones plus head phones. You will need to download the tracks beforehand or have connection to 3G/4G during the walk.

Artistic Walk 1, starting point Meta Theater

Sonntag 16.Dezember 2018, 15 Uhr, Meta Theater, Osteranger 8, 85665 Moosach bei Grafing, T. 08091-3514,

Artistic Walk 2, starting point Villa Waldberta

Mittwoch 19.Dezember 2018, 15 Uhr, Villa Waldberta, Höhenbergstraße 25, 82340 Feldafing

Telefon: 08157 9258280,